Google Impact Challenge - 2014

We have just found out that we are finalists for the UK Google Impact Challenge! With this we are going to build up to 100 pairs of Smart Glasses and offer them on loan over the next 12 months. Please vote for us to make sure this happens.. It only takes a minute. Thank you!

RNIB Royal National Institute for Blind and Partially Sighted Individuals

We are very proud to work with the RNIB to bring Smart Glasses to people in the UK, and hopefully the world!

Smart Glasses on BBC June 2014

We are developing a pair of smart-glasses to enhance vision for people with very poor sight. By making best use of any remaining vision, we hope to let people enjoy increased independence by allowing them to easily detect objects that are otherwise hard to see.

Daily life survey

Thank you for everyone who took part in our survey. We now have a much clearer idea of which areas need research attention the most. We will continue to develop new ideas and potential solutions to areas of life made difficult from sight loss.

University Research site

The research behind the glasses comes from the University of Oxford. Further information, including details of upcoming trials can be found at the website of theĀ Oxford Smart Specs Research Group.

New transparent smart glasses