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Oxford Press Video - June 2014

An article in the March 2013 edition of Wired.
Digital Glasses - Oculab

 Oxford Mail
Investment needed to manufacture new glasses.

July 4, 2013Iain Wilson with Assisted Vision prototype Oxford 2013

SCIENTISTS have developed hi-tech glasses that could prove a major boost for the blind.

The team at Oxford University spin-out company Assisted Vision say the spectacles will help blind people navigate obstacles more safely by using small on-board cameras and a computer, which generate a 3D brightness map for the wearer.

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Peer reviewed journal article.
Journal Articl - free at PLOS
Pilot study using an LED version of a depth-based visual aid.

In this short study we tested whether blind and partially-sighted people could use a wide angle (120 degrees) but very low resolution display (96 pixels per eye), to locate and orient towards targets in space as a precursor to walking around independently. We also studied how well controls could learn to use a live depth map on the same low resolution display to navigate a small obstacle course

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